'Jiro Dreams of Sushi' not just another food flick ??? 1/2


'Jiro Dreams of Sushi' not just another food flick ??? 1/2


Jiro Dreams of Sushi Movie Review


The Chicago Tribune portrays Jiro as a leader, almost a god of the sushi world with his quiet presence and powerful influence. Michael Philips states that “it takes an exceptional subject to arrest our sense and hold our attention” (Phillips, chicagotribune.com) and that Jiro is that subject. Philips refers to the restaurant as a “sacred temple of sushi” saying that Ono’s presence is “quiet but charged from within” (Philips, chicagotribune.com). Many leaders and religious figures today give the same demeanor, they do not have to say anything and people are enthralled by their power and wisdom. Like most religious figures or leaders, Ono has had to overcome adversity, working his way through life to achieve his goals. Jiro also discusses how he strives to improve himself and the quality of the sushi and to be regarded honorably, things that motivate him every single day. Philips says, “Gelb’s documentary regards with fondness its subject and his kingdom. Plus we meet a variety of interdependent characters, from tuna vendors to rice experts, all in thrall to Jiro and his sons” (Philips, chicagotribune.com). He emphasizes the almost god like qualities in Jiro and that even people on his staff whom have worked with him for several years, still stare in awe at the shokunin who is Jiro Ono.


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