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Limitations of Art

Jiro Ono is constantly praised as the world's greatest sushi chef with three Michelin stars. Diners praise the exploding flavor of his rice and the simplicity of the sushi. They compare his courses to three movement concertos and the chef himself to the maestro of an orchestra. But, what they don't realize is how the environment that surrounds him exudes bounds and restrictions. No one in the restaurant is truly free. His apprentices must follow exact instructions, diners are given the set meal plan for the day, and Jiro himself must go through the same process for everything. The film does not venture into another ennvironment besides that of Jiro and his restaurant. It faintly touches upon the conflict of aquaculture and overfishing, something that could greatly jeopardize the future of the restaurant. The film presents the concept of how art is limiting, how it has restrictions. By definition, art is the expression or application of a human creative skill and imagination. It does not need to be liberating or expansive. it can be whatever the artist chooses. 

This exhibhit explores how that is demonstrated throughout the movie, from its reviews, the large comparison to music, and issues the film does not address.