The Art of Being Perfect


The Art of Being Perfect


This collection demonstrates the many who have praised Jiro's work, discussing it's simplicity and perfection. Roger Ebert put it very well by saying the tragedy for Jiro is that there is no fourth Michelin star. Do you think that life goes on after perfection is attained or that it can make someone feel lost without a goal to work toward?

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The Chicago Tribune portrays Jiro as a leader, almost a god of the sushi world with his quiet presence and powerful influence. Michael Philips states that “it takes an exceptional subject to arrest our sense and hold our attention” (Phillips,…

Roger Ebert focuses on Jiro’s strive to self-improvement and perfectionism. Everything in his restaurant has to be done a certain way, octopus must be massaged for at least 45 minutes, apprentices must first learn how to squeeze the perfect towel and…

This is a great article discussing how Sukiyabashi Jiro received three michelin stars adding to the perfection of Jiro Ono's craft and his restaurant.
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