How the Film Relates to Music


How the Film Relates to Music


The film really focuses on how Jiro's workplace and his methods are comparable to music. There is even one section of the movie that focuses on how his courses are designed like a three movement concerto. While music is considered liberating, the music and musical comparisons in the film demonstrate the restriction and limitations of Sukiyabashi Jiro (the restaurant).

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In NPR’s review of the movie, Mark Jenkins constantly tries to communicate the meticulous environment of the world that is Sukiyabashi Jiro. Ono is described as man who is motivated by ritual and honor and his son Yoshikazu is driven by duty to take…

Jiro Dreams of Sushi Dining Experience Still
In the second scene, the food critic Yamamoto has brought a group of guests to Sukiyabashi Jiro. Throughout the clip, jump cuts are made every time a new piece of sushi is laid on the black slate. Cuts are also made between Jiro’s expression and…

Jiro Dreams of Sushi Kitchen Experience Still
This still shows the apprentices and kitchen workers of Sukiyabashi Jiro as they prepare the ingredients and fish for that day's lunch and dinner. It is from the portion of the movie that discusses how Jiro is the maestro of an orchestra. This still…

This is a clip from the documentary showcasing how Jiro Ono's courses are very similar to a three movement concerto.
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